About the Centre for All Abilities

The Centre will be more than most can imagine, it will transform and it will inspire. It will be where the crossroads of serving Calgary’s most vulnerable and able-bodied citizens will come together to create the Calgary we all know it can be. Join us on this journey – the Centre for All Abilities will be a beacon of what is possible when a project is done for the right reasons.


The Centre for All Abilities is where the Magic happens

The opportunity to establish a number of social enterprise service companies, as tenants of the Centre, will maximize (through sharing of resources) by reducing the duplication of equipment and infrequent individual organization space use.

What is it?

Another goal to be realized at the Centre is promoting and supporting Social Enterprise. What is Social Enterprise? A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental wellbeing, rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders. A great example is TOMS Shoes who provides a pair of shoes to a child in need (so they can attend school) from every pair they sell.

They have now expanded into eye glasses based on the same formula. TOMS has been very successful in raising awareness about children in third world countries unable to attend school due to lack of proper footwear as declared by the school administrations. Now, all children who receive a pair of shoes from TOMS gets to attend school and further their education. What a simple concept!

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Shared Space

All companies (nonprofit or otherwise) want to have their own Board Room, but do they really need to have one space dedicated to a group that may meet monthly, at the most? No, but access to a properly designed, equipped and maintained meeting room, will interest all organizations as long as they can schedule it for their use. Surplus times can be released to other nonprofits for their meetings and charge a user fee that covers operating costs only.

Mail Rooms

A mailing room could be created for all tenants with space to organize all communications, mailings with one postage machine for all to share, along with copiers and folding machines. An efficient communications effort can be created, imaged, assembled for mailing and eventually inducted into Canada Post for delivery. The work could be done by those with expertise in operating a letter shop, but the price to tenants will be substantially lower due to the in-house aspect of the operation. Again outside organizations would be able to access this service as well and thus reduce their mailing costs. The sector gains by controlling costs in a collaborative and subsidized environment – the Centre.


The Centre could also install a commercial kitchen for use for special events as well as teaching those in Calgary who need to learn to cook and plan nutritious meals. With the expected high number of young people using the Centre, a full cooking facility will provide many opportunities for all groups and perhaps a café that could be used to teach skills to those who cannot attend our post-secondary institutions. The Centre will be an exciting addition to the N.E., no doubt, with a menu of options still being created.


There is not enough social enterprise work being done in Calgary yet. The Centre will create an incubator space where those who have the drive and interest to launch a social enterprise, will come and take a chance. What will they need? They will need shared office space, meeting rooms, and a “service centre” that provides a selection of business services and really low operating costs. Most start-up companies need an angel investor to even consider a trip down this road, as the risk of failure can be high. With a space that is properly funded and where the cost to operate is next to nothing, the real investment in the IDEA can flourish.

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