Our Impact at the Centre for All Abilities

Calgary Rotary Challenger Park will be recognized for operating a state-of-the-art centre that uniquely serves the nonprofit sector in the greater Calgary area while utilizing the best barrier-free sport and recreation facility. It will be financially sustainable, fully utilized and embraced by the community.


Today, nonprofit organizations work hard to realize their mandates and accomplish their visions. The sector is large and employs thousands of Canadians and the laws of the jungle prevail here as it does in the for profit sector. The strong will do well and the vulnerable barely survive or fail.

Why do the vulnerable barely survive? The vulnerable, in this instance, are the many nonprofit organizations with few resources, few staff, but huge demand and respect for those they serve for the work they do in our community. They fill a void that either has been created or left behind by other service providers. We need them to do what they do. Their number ONE challenge is sustainability and becoming strong community organizations.

What are the two largest expenses that non-profits face every month? Salaries and rent. If we were able to reduce the amount of rent an organization pays by a minimum of 40%, where would the newfound financial flexibility go? It will go to better program delivery, additional staff to expand services, reduce debt and invest in fund development assets.

As you would expect from organizations that rely on public support, the investment in making an organization larger, better and smarter relies on large quantities of good will. Good will is realized when you do what you say you are going to do for the money you said it would cost. Most, if not all, nonprofits seek to accomplish this through their operations.

The Centre For All Abilities will offer Calgary nonprofits the opportunity to serve the broader community by joining a collaborative collection of diverse organizations. They will seek to be sustainable by joining together in a vibrant space where everyone can Work, Learn & Play.


The Centre for All Abilities will be a barrier free and inclusive development, which will continue to build on the successful implementation of the three broad strategic priority areas for the Calgary Rotary Challenger Park Society – Community Involvement, Facility Utilization, and Financial Sustainability.


The Society prefers that the Park be viewed internally as a “steward” to the existing and future Park tenants by bringing groups/organizations and their operational services/programs to the Park.

These relationships will provide sufficient financial resources to the existing Society, with a goal to be financially sustainable and viable from an operating, capital and life cycle perspective for both the Society and all the tenants.


The Park and its leadership will steward capital funders and the community-at-large by continually demonstrating that a large number of groups/organizations will benefit from gaining access to the Park’s facilities.

This project will be structured in a manner that will not compromise the existing Society.


The Centre for All Abilities will follow the same operating model of the Park and provide viable opportunities for strategic community partnerships.

The project will be developed and operated on a basis of adapting as many environmentally sensitive principles as possible.


Calgary’s Population Has Jumped by 400,000 People in 15 Years?


The impact of Calgary’s amazing growth has impacted those in our society who need our support the most. Who are they? Our Seniors, those Calgarians who have been impacted by the boom and bust cycle of Alberta’s economy or by recent floods, those Calgarians with disabilities, those Calgarians with mental health issues as well as our new Canadians. Calgary can afford to ensure all citizens have the assistance they need to live a life of dignity, respect and pursue their dreams. Your generous support can make this happen.

  • Lack of affordable housing
  • Very tight occupancy rates for apartments
  • Increased use of alcohol and drugs
  • Bankruptcies
  • Unpredictability of the job market
  • Influx of new people to Calgary attaining the new jobs
  • New Canadians not able to secure good jobs they are trained for
  • Older workers being pushed out of the work force
  • Downsizing in some industries not attached to the energy boom


To ensure that the Centre for All Abilities stays on track and lives-up to its promise, a series of measures that outline benchmarks and delivers on intended benefits and community impact will be developed once the tenant partner group is confirmed. This group will define the essence of collaboration and it is difficult to assemble without final involvement confirmed. It will, however, focus on meeting and exceeding community expectations around effectiveness and efficiencies. This will be accomplished once data of an organization’s operations is collected prior to their move to the Centre for All Abilities and after the organization has moved into the Centre and had time to get up and running. We assume this would be 6-12 months after move-in.

Financial Stability

A key measureable goal for the Centre is the demonstration of financial sustainability, which would take a little time to enact once moving costs and final leasehold improvements are taken into account and paid. Financial sustainability would be best measured after a year’s operation in the new Centre and could be compared to pre-move operations. It is also a goal of the development to invest in areas of the Centre’s operations that can lower operating costs such as energy, water and lighting.

By investing in current technologies that address these key operational areas, we might see the use of solar panels on the roof, water collection systems that reduce dependency on city water or L.E.D./Plasma lighting systems that are remarkably cheaper to operate. We will investigate the best systems that will benefit the tenant partners by providing an efficient building that embraces technologies that lower long-term expenses and ensures the stability of utility costs.

Asset Optimization

Additional initial keys measures will look at the reduction of duplication as a group for like activities and where collaboration opportunities can be created. Cross-utilization of individual assets might be cost-shared or pooled for the entire group depending on need. One example is I.T. services that could be pooled and high quality services provided at an affordable rate.

A high quality system may be financially out of reach for an organization on its own, but when shared amongst 10-15 organizations, it becomes reality and higher I.T. operational effectiveness is achieved.

Effective Collaboration

How Do You Measure Effective Substantial Collaboration?
Establish Measures for increased efficiencies such as:

  • Less funds spent on rent
  • Less funds spent on operation costs
  • Less space needed because the meeting rooms are shared

Measures for increased effectiveness:

  • Able to reach more clients
  • Able to provide higher impact programs
  • Clients have improved outcomes