Tenant information for the Centre for All Abilities

Imagine a co-location facility that charges you 40% less than any other similar building in the market or would provide you with a 5 – 10 or even 20 year lease that would also provide you with a $30 per square foot grant to develop your space the way you want it. Is there such a place in Calgary? There will be…at Calgary Rotary Challenger Park at the Centre for All Abilities. This is where social innovation will come alive with true collaboration amongst peers who will support and help each other deliver service to the community in a model that reduces duplication and raises efficiencies.

Tenant information

As a tenant in the Centre for All Abilities, you will join a dozen or so other non-profits/charities in fulfilling a dream to ensure our community’s non-profits are sustainable…for the long term. As a tenant, you will be able to reduce your operating costs and lease payments substantially and redirect this new income to service delivery or hiring new staff. With an active commitment to social enterprise, the Centre will provide an environment that will foster genuine relationships between organizations and the community. Calgary deserves the Centre for All Abilities. To find out more, please tell us a bit about your organization by completing our prospective tenant survey above.



Imagine a place where children who are physically and intellectually challenged are assisted by seniors who are actively looking to make each day fulfilling. A place where new Canadians find guidance and support, along side autistic teens who find acceptance in their very own Clubhouse. Imagine a place where people find exactly what they need in a community designed to help them in every way. That is a place that is truly magical. That is the Centre for All Abilities.