Make Your Gift

Every gift to Calgary Rotary Challenger Park’s Phase 4 – Centre for All Abilities benefits people who are in need in our community. Calgarians who are seniors, those Calgarians with disabilities, those with mental health issues and our new Canadians. The Centre for All Abilities will support any Calgarian regardless of their need.


Each Gift will be gratefully received and permanently recorded and recognized in an appropriate manner.

Each gift will be reserved for specific use in the development of this centre of excellence and ultimately providing a $30/sq.ft grant to each and every nonprofit or charitable organization to custom-build their unique space. By also committing to a minimum 40% discount on the rent in the Centre for All Abilities, tenant organizations will enjoy long-term leasing opportunities and a significant reduction in both operating and rental expenses.

Gifts should be made payable to Calgary Rotary Challenger Park – Phase 4.

Make a Gift through Canada Helps


Gifts of Cash

Cash gifts are critical to the execution of the project. They immediately support the active implementation of the project. Cash gifts are defined as gifts of Canadian currency, credit card, cheque, money order or electronic funds transfer (ETF).

Gifts by Pledge

A pledge is a convenient and efficient way to give. A pledge enables you, the donor, to budget for the fulfillment of your pledge over time. Payment methods are the same as those listed above. Pledges can be either made on a monthly basis or on a multi-year basis.

Gifts In-kind

Gifts of products, goods or services that meet Canada Revenue Agency’s (CRA) guidelines are welcome. Please inquire with the Campaign Office for additional information and consultation.

Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Gifts of securities or personal property are welcome, and may be advantageous to certain donors. Calgary Rotary Challenger Park advises all potential donors of property or assets to obtain a professional financial advice about the tax or other specific implications of such a donation.

Gifts of Flow Through Shares

Most tax efficient way to make a gift to your favorite charity with potential for very significant tax savings and potential to receive wonderful recognition. CRA has provided Advanced Tax Rulings on certain flow through share gift arrangements. We strongly urge you to consult with a professional advisor when considering this option.

Gifts of Real Estate

Ideal for donors with large investments in real estate. CRA has announced new tax incentives to encourage gifts of real estate commencing January 1, 2016. You receive a charitable receipt for full market value. There is potential to make a very large impact through the use of this method.

Gifts of Private Company Shares

Ideal for donors with large holdings in private shares. CRA has announced new tax incentives to encourage gifts of private shares commencing January 1, 2016. Potential to make a very large impact and unleash capital gains from privately held company shares.